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If you are a general contractor, artisan contractor, or trade contractor working in the state of Virginia, then you’ve come to the right place!  Metro Insurance Center provides contractors insurance solutions specifically-tailored for your business.   When it comes to contractors insurance, we’ve already done the general risks assessment research and can customize a plan for you quickly.  

The work environment of Contractors has the potential to be hazardous for employees and visitors.   With the variety of hand and power tools, ladders and scaffolding, and many different types of location environments it is easy to see the wide variety of risk exposures.  You and your business can be held financially liable for many different kinds of damages and injuries.   We understand that protecting your business is not only about having the proper Contractors Insurance coverages, it is also about reducing and managing risks.

Our commercial insurance specialists at Metro Insurance Center have the expertise and resources to lower the chances of personal injury and property damage for your Contractors business.   We go above and beyond most insurance agencies to deliver the strategies, tools, and resources that will help you manage your risks, control workers’ compensation claim costs, advance safety, and to boost employee morale.

Our agency can help you build solid loss control and safety programs and assist with compliance challenges.  Here are a few of the additional benefits that are available to you from our agency–with no cost to you and likely to reduce your Contractors Insurance premiums!

Risk Assessment, Compliance, and Record Keeping

Managing Risks
We have the risk management expertise and resources to help you develop a cost effective plan to control and lower your workplace risks.

Workplace Safety Programs
Our risk assessment and workplace safety program service will assist you in developing a safety manual that will not only lower the probability of  personal injury  and property damage, but lower premiums as well.

Compliance and Record Keeping
OSHA record keeping responsibilities can be challenging.   We can assist you in fulfilling your federal and state requirements.

Claims Cost Containment
We can help you to control workers’ compensation claims by establishing a safety policy, adopting a Return-to-Work Program, streamlining reporting procedures, identifying top loss sources and mitigating legal expenses, all with our tools.

Protect Against Liabilities

We will provide a risks assessment, custom build a Contractors  Insurance program that meets your needs, and shop the companies to get the best value for you.

Metro Insurance Center  is a full service Independent Insurance Agency that represents many top-rated companies.  We assess risks and shop companies to find the best coverage for the price.  Our clients get the best value for the insurance they need.

Call, request a quote by email, or visit us at our office today for a free, no obligation risk assessment and quote.  Let us do the research and find the best value for the Contractors Insurance you need.


Metro Insurance Center is a full service independent insurance agency representing over 3 dozen carriers. Although Roger manages all insurance products and services, he specializes in commercial insurance.